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Save more than 300 hours a year and thousands of dollars by ensuring business info is correct across over 300 sites.

73% Of People Lose Trust In A Brand When Their Listings Are Incorrect.

It’s essential that your business listings are right, or you could be driving them to your competitors. Customers blame businesses when their info is wrong and they punish them for it.

Listing Distribution submits business listings to all four major data providers: Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar (Localeze). These data providers are referenced by over 300 online listing directories and disseminate business info all over the web.

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Easily Fix Your Listings On Over 300 Websites

Consistent online listings are crucial to search engine rank. With the click of a button, you can guarantee your data will be accurate across all of their key sources.

– See in detail how and when listings change
– Stay on top of things with progress reports that prove the work’s being done
– Upsell customers and collect sales from in-product without having to call anyone

The Most Comprehensive Solution

We partnered with all of the four major listing data providers — Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar (Localeze) — in order to offer a complete listing syndication solution. These four providers power the web, doling out information to over 300 other sites, like Urbanspoon, Yelp and many others. To correct a company listing with each of these providers individually can get quite expensive.

With Social Marketing, businesses are notified every time someone is trying to talk to them on social media. Whether they mention your username on Twitter, post a picture or status to your Facebook page, or check-in to one of your locations, business owners will know about it the second it happens and be able to reply straight from the platform.

Why Do I Need This?

Consider Marketing Hippos Agency’ data analysis of 100,000 business locations: the average business has 68 online listings and 41% of those listings have an inaccurate address. Meanwhile these businesses have 3 different phone numbers across all of their listings.

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We can help you increase your Sales and take your business to the next level. We do this by helping you to more effectively market online via search engine optimization, social media, paid online marketing, reputation management and other internet marketing channels.


Marketing Hippos partners with all four major listing data providers: Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar (Localeze). Together, these providers are trusted by 300+ listing directories, from prominent networks such as Urbanspoon to major auto manufacturers.