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Home Builder Case Study


PROJECT NAME :Home Builder Case Study

Client Name:Bare Brothers

Category :Home Builder



We worked with a corporate custom home builder with 16+ under construction communities 20+ divisions working together on these communities. The houses were mid-range custom homes ranging from $200,000 to $500,000.


$13,000 – $14,000/Month overall depending on the communities/divisions advertised. The communities were changed and rebuilt if sold out to focus on new communities that are ready to sell.


We had to run multiple accounts including their corporate location and at least 16 of the communities at a time targeting locations and people looking to new custom homes (Depending on availability and requirements). Our strategy for these communities and corporate was to capture as much as relevant traffic to our conversion-oriented community pages and allow them to convert from there. The campaigns were divided by tightly themed keywords divided by the price range, location and type.

Through the overall process, we collected data on keywords bringing maximum conversions, irrelevant keywords or non-effective keywords, demographic and device specific information to adjust our bidding strategy and keyword strategy to ensure we deliver the results and spend our budget on where it is mostly needed to deliver ROI. The accounts regularly went through ongoing optimizations and split testing including income level, demographic targeting to keep the performance up by our account strategists.


Consistently generated 140 tracked conversions per month. Some communities had conversion tracking issues due to the website functionality so the results are beyond the number states considering we didn’t track those conversions.Most successful months had 227 tracked conversions Up to 11% CTR in accounts depending on competition, clicks and impressions Cost Per Acquisition was as low as $19.78. Some communities had higher CPA depending on available houses for sell and size.Average CPC $1.11, Some had higher due to competition in the areas.


This month we went through the site’s top community pages and updated the call to action text to create an imperative for users. We also added CTAs to the pages with top engagement. Both of these changes resulted in a 12% increase in conversions over last month! We will increase conversions in the future by updating calls to action on remaining pages and testing CTA copy.

The site has less organic traffic than last month but more users than last year. We will audit our keywords and target phrases that our competitors are getting the most traffic from to increase organic traffic in May.

Our bounce rate decreased this month due to updates to pages with low engagement. Average session duration went down so we will update pages with the lowest dwell time to increase their page-level engagement.

We had some very competitive keywords make large keyword jumps this month. “Homes in the Central Virginia Area” increased more than 10 positions. We are also in the top 3 positions for 50 of our tracked keywords. We will research and target new long-tail keywords to increase rankings in May.

Notable Results:
  • In our 6 months running the campaign, our work increased organic traffic by over 40% which lead to a 20% increase in leads
  • Comparing 2019 year-to-date we have generated 12% more organic traffic which in turn lead to a 4% increase in organic conversions