5 Questions B2B Marketers Need To Ask: Top Take-Aways From My First #MPB2B Forum — Day #1

5 Questions B2B Marketers  Need To Ask: Top Take-Aways From My First #MPB2B Forum — Day #1

When asked to attend the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been to conferences as an attendee, an exhibiting sponsor and as a speaker, but never specifically within the B2B content marketing space, and this group can be an intimidating one.

Sure, I’ve admired the long list of content marketing rock-stars, storytellers and B2B influencers, but memories crept up from being the new kid in town.

To no one’s surprise, the marketers at this event in downtown Boston have embraced and welcomed newcomers like me into their conversations. I’ve been taking furious notes, engaging on social channels more than I have in years, and have soaked up every ounce of content and inspiration possible like a sponge.

It is only day one and some major themes have been been top-of-mind around brand voice, authenticity and creativity, but my biggest take-aways looking down at my notes have been the questions asked. Here is a list of the questions I am asking myself and my team, and I encourage you to do the same:

1 — “If you cover up the logo, do others recognize you?” – Ann Handley, Marketing Profs

2 — “Is scale and efficiency the opposite of creativity within your brand?” – Pierce Ujjainwalla, Knack

3 — “If your content factory halts and you miss a blog post or are absent from social, who will miss your content? Is it just your team or your boss, or will your audiences notice?” – Robert Rose, The Content Advisory

4 “How involved is and should AI be in your marketing process?” Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute

5 — “Since 2019, what changes has your audience made and are they permanent changes? What are you doing to meet them where they are now?” – Paul Ince, LikeMind Media Limited

Some answers are obvious, but others require a bit more homework. Thank you to all today’s #MPB2B presenters. I’m hoping tomorrow’s sessions bring as many answers as questions.

Learn more about Ann, Robert, Paul, and other top speakers such as our CEO Lee Odden who are presenting during #MPB2B this week, in our annual list of B2B influencers to follow, “25 Top B2B Marketing Influencers, Experts and Speakers To Follow In 2023.”

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