9 Ways to Create a Strong Social Media Brand

9 Ways to Create a Strong Social Media Brand

You can create an online brand that represents your values and abilities by sharing content and information online. Even if you only infrequently use social media, anything you post, share, or respond to contributes to this public narrative. 

Nowadays, your online behavior is equally as significant as your offline behavior. It takes effort to develop your personal brand on social media, but if you do it well, you might get your next job or make some valuable contacts. 

The following sections will help you understand what it takes to build that online presence and succeed long-term in this challenging digital world. So without further ado, let’s start.

Update Your Social Media Accounts

Start by selecting the social media accounts you want to concentrate on, and delete any older accounts you don’t use anymore. Ensure your information is accurate and create concise profiles with a narrative of your background story and a strong social media profile picture.

Each social media channel has unique characteristics so take some time to find your voice in the platform and communicate your message to your audience.

For example, here are two different approaches from the same brand on Linked and Instagram. 

As we can see, Linkedin has a more professional approach and tone of voice, while the same brand uses a more energetic and playful tagline (“Made for cool, calm and protected”) for their Instagram account.

​Identify Your Area of Expertise

Everyone is an expert at something, whether producing and sharing quality content or having a comprehensive understanding of a specific niche.

Is it time for you to try a few more things? Consider the content you’ve produced that has received the most engagement from your audience. Is it possible to recreate this with other content or to repurpose anything to re-engage? 

Your followers will begin to view you as a leader in your chosen field the more distinctive and interesting content you produce on it. 

Here is the example of Moosend, an email marketing service provider which shares content on email marketing.

Another great example of capitalizing on a specific niche comes from Red Bull which shares content on action activities and has become an industry leader.

Regularly Share Content

In the early days of social media, you could generate greater engagement by posting more frequently. Today, however, excessive posting causes exhaustion and irritation. You want to communicate with your audience, but don’t come out as needy by sharing too much. 

For personal brands, posting three to four times a week is ideal. It is preferable to concentrating on two or three preferable channels and making an effort to be active there. You’ll have days when you don’t post, and that’s okay. Decide which social media indicators are most important, examine the information related to your postings, and spot a successful pattern. 

Do your research using social media hashtags, use news websites to find trending topics and create visuals like photos, infographics, animations that are time-relevant and has an increased possibility to go viral.

Combine Email marketing and social media

There are numerous ways to leverage email marketing to increase your brand awareness on social media. The easiest way is to create a signature with your social media accounts and add social media buttons to your emails.

Another great approach is to share your social media content through emails with a curated email newsletter. You can easily leverage an email marketing service such as Hubspot or other popular alternatives to create this on autopilot.

Your email list can be a great source of traffic for your social media accounts and help you create loyal fans who consistently engage with your posts. An email newsletter can contain information on popular social media posts from your Instagram account, articles from your Linkedin or even podcast sessions and YouTube videos.

Sky is the limit when it comes to using email and social media in tandem and you will get ahead of the competition if you implement this strategy in your business.

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Create a unique approach for your social media posts

To build an unstoppable personal internet brand, you must ensure that it accurately represents you. Do you know what not to do to maintain a positive social impression? 

Consider your interactions and material as a portfolio of your work and personality. Reposting other people’s work (or curating content for social media) is a smart move, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy. To illustrate your knowledge of the industry, you should also offer valuable content that you have produced.

To make your content stand out, you must approach various topics from a new perspective. Don’t be hesitant to highlight your accomplishments or include interesting life anecdotes (e.g., travel and hobbies). After all, social media is really about people and if you connect with your audience in a meaningful way you can achieve longevity and long-term success.

Join groups of thought leaders

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide countless chances to join groups dedicated to particular fields. Utilize the search feature on each channel to look for groups related to your area of expertise. Then you’ll be able to communicate your knowledge and establish your personal brand’s authority.

Remember that industry groups can have increased competition, so smaller, topic-based groups might be more effective in reaching your target audience.

Here are some benefits of joining a social media group:

Generate ideas for your marketingReceive feedbackTest your knowledge and develop leadership skillsHelp others by sharing valuable contentNetwork with other thought leadersDiscover new opportunitiesKeep you accountable

Once you’ve joined your chosen social media groups, don’t hesitate to join conversations and provide your original viewpoints. You won’t experience any of the advantages above if you only join a group and don’t engage. 

Keep Your Brand Voice, Image & Tone Consistent

You undoubtedly already know how crucial it is to maintain your established identity. To be credible and memorable, you must maintain consistency with your ideas and how you convey them.

There are personal branding guides you may use to find the tone of voice that works best for you. Finding the tone of voice that works best for your business may require trial and error. 

It takes more than just declaring, “I want to create educational content”; you must develop your thoughts further to support your strategy and goals.

If one of your profiles appears with content or images that don’t reflect your brand’s voice, you risk ruining an otherwise spotless reputation.

If you are having trouble identifying your audience and how to communicate with them, you can always create a survey. This tool can help you understand what works for your brand and what your audience expects from you.

Study influencers

Although it takes some time, interacting with and working with influencers is a terrific approach to promoting your brand. Influencers must get to know you well before considering you an authority.

LinkedIn is excellent for connecting and engaging with other industry experts. Once you’ve identified the key influencers in your community, find out their networks, posting patterns, and content to identify areas where you may improve. 

Learn best practices from their branding plans and execution by observing how their followers react to the content they post. They are influencers for a reason, and studying them can help you reveal some pain points in your current strategies that can help you grow to unprecedented levels.

Upgrade your brand by taking a social media and marketing course

Understanding the basics is the most significant way to develop your brand on social media. Connect with your audience better, identify the content formats that will work for you, and learn how to create a strategy so that you can plan your course of action.

However, building your social media can be a challenging task because there are constant changes in every social media platform. You’ll also need to know how each platform works and how to use it to spread your message. You’ll need to quickly learn new effective channels and how to skyrocket your performance.

For all these to work out, investing in dedicated course platforms to have a deeper understanding of specific topics can be a game changer and can help you broaden your horizons and build a solid foundation.

Various topics such as google ads, email marketing, content marketing, and many more can be the small pieces you need to create a robust social media presence.

The takeaway

Social media are the thing in todays world and not having a strong online presence there can drastically affect your overall life, especially in the business world. Having a blueprint on how to handle specific social media aspects can help you build that authority fast and capitalize on your social media following.

These tips can help you create a strong online presence but always keep in mind that each brand has different goals and you need to adjust and pivot accordingly to create a success story on social media.

Remember that it’s a long game and you need to be consistent to build a solid customer base that can eventually transform into a group of potential customers. Until this happens, keep pushing your social media channels.

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