How Does The Tiktok Algorithm Work

How Does The Tiktok Algorithm Work

We all know that the Tiktok algorithm is responsible for the high engagement on the platform; however, we do not understand how it works. As a brand starting on TikTok or if you’re just trying to be more consistent, it is helpful to understand the algorithm and work with it to get the best results. 

In this post, we will explore what the Tiktok algorithm is all about and how it works.

What do they say about the Tiktok algorithm? 

The Tiktok algorithm is an exercise by Tiktok bots to select personalized content for each user. The bots discreetly observe your clicks, videos, profile views, interactions, and behavior on the app and gather information.

Based on the insight, the Tiktok algorithm identifies your preferences, and the bots will push related content to your “for you page.” This means the videos on your friend’s FYP do not appear the same way yours do. Every user is fed personalized content determined by their engagement on the platform.

So, if you wonder why certain kinds of videos welcome you on your for you page, the TikTok algorithm takes all the blame. 

Before we get deep into how this works, this is what Tiktok says about the videos you see on your for you page. 

 How does the TikTok Algorithm work?

Your account settings

The first thing the Tiktok algorithm looks at is the settings you have carefully made. Your country settings, device type, language preferences, and category because they cannot push just any content to your page. So, the TikTok algorithm ensures a personalized user experience at all times. 

User activities within the app are observed

As I mentioned, the TikTok algorithm looks out for your actions and app footprints. Activities like: 

The accounts you follow, videos you like and watch, and even the comments you leave on posts. The algorithm also takes notice of the videos you like, the ones you add as favorites, the videos you flagged as “not interested,” the inappropriate ones, etc.They also check the creators you hide or block and the length of time you spend watching any video. The algorithm notes this as your preference and sends that content to your “for you page.”

Content/video information. 

The TikTok algorithm uses the information on the content you engage to determine your preference. Information like the several hashtags on a video tells who the content is for and what they aren’t. Similarly, the captions and music/sounds are the Tiktok algorithm’s most-observed features. 

Note that these are the features that inform content ranking on Tiktok, so we will try to unravel how these happen further by looking at how to manipulate the algorithm.

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How to understand the Tiktok algorithm and leverage it

Build your content around the relevant niches. 

As an entrepreneur, my videos constantly focus on coaching tips. One way to avoid an algorithm drop is when you post unrelated videos. 

Why does this happen? You already have an audience, and they will not be interested in unrelated videos. When the interaction is slim, the algorithm interprets that as “non-interested” and may not show it in the for you pages of your other audience. 

Capture your audience’s attention immediately. 

Now that you know that the algorithm looks at users’ activities like the length of time spent watching a video. Then, your videos must grab and retain attention immediately. 

Thankfully, shorter videos are the signature of TikTok video but to encourage clickthrough and dwell time, the content must be precise, captivating, and helpful. So, remember to keep it short and sweet to discourage bounce rates and trick the TikTok algorithm. 

Know the right time to post. 

You will agree that your target audience is most active at a particular time. Like in other platforms, the algorithm can shift anytime and drop your views. Nevertheless, posting your videos when your target customers are active will encourage great engagement before any algorithm shifts. So, remember to use the Tiktok video scheduler to your benefit and hack the life out of the algorithm. 

Use actionable captions, including hashtags and trends

Your caption is the invitation you send out, so make it attractive and clear. Additionally, use related hashtags and include any trending stickers and sounds. This addition will push your videos up in the “for you pages” of users seeking related content. 

Understanding how the TikTok algorithm works will help your marketing plan, so you don’t just shoot in the dark when you can give the algorithm what it wants and grow your business on TikTok.

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