How to Schedule TikTok Videos on Desktop

How to Schedule TikTok Videos on Desktop

As a growing female course creator getting started on TikTok, you must keep posting content. Keep in mind that you are in a crucial growth stage and cannot afford to starve your audience of content, even when you don’t feel like it. This is why I love scheduling my TikTok videos on a desktop. 

When I introduced my coaching career on Tiktok and amassed a great audience, I knew I needed help to escape burnout. This led me to create a suitable scheduling plan on my desktop with all my pre-planned contents. 

So, with the content calendar created, it was easier for me to know what to post and from there I’ve been consistent in posting contents for my growing audience. 

I am generous with helping other female course creators, so I dropped some great tips on scheduling TikTok videos on desktop.

Here’s how to schedule Tiktok videos and other apps you can use for your Video Scheduling:

1. Video Scheduler

I started using Video Scheduler to schedule my videos when Tiktok first launched it. I must say it’s super simple to use. 

First, open your app and click on the cloud icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Follow the prompts to the video page, where you will see how to upload, add a caption(s), hashtags, edit the cover image, set your privacy, and other concerns. 

You will also see how to schedule each video’s time and date. Add your preferred dates and times for all videos and you are all set. 

Please note that you cannot make edits after scheduling the videos just like regular postings, but, you can reload the video after making edits on the earlier schedule. Once the video goes live on the fixed day, Tiktok will notify you. Just as creating TikTok videos should not be hard, scheduling them should be even easier. 

Apart from the Tiktok video scheduler, there are other third-party video schedulers you can use.

Some of them are;

2. Social Pilot. 

Like Tiktok scheduler, Social Pilot allows you to fix and upload your videos and keep up with the schedule of your content calendar.

With SocialPilot, it shows when audiences are engaging with my content on Tiktok and the analytics of each video.Lastly, it runs on a monthly subscription of $30 or less.

3. Lomly

One great thing about the Lomly app is that it allows scheduling Tiktok videos for both desktop and Android. It is a nice app to plan your content and never miss a beat. 

Once you decide to go with this app, after downloading, sync it to your Tiktok and follow the video uploading and scheduling prompts. One of its features is that you will receive notifications whenever your video goes live and when published.

The app also offers ideas for content creation based on your recent or previous content, and it will surely help you in that regard. Lomly runs on a monthly subscription package of $25.

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3. Crowdfire. 

Crowdfire can also be one of your choices in helping you with scheduling. With the app installed, follow the prompts, upload, and schedule your videos, edit them, and add all the necessary information. Crowdfire scheduler comes with reminders, and you can schedule your videos often, even when I forget.

The app also lets you discover competitors’ hacks. With Crowdfire, you can find tools that help you know your audience research and your competitor’s research tools. 

It has both a free and paid plan, and you can schedule up to 11 posts at once on the paid package.

Benefits of Scheduling Your TikTok Videos

Timely posting of videos. 

As a female course creator, one of the things I pledge to my brand is consistency, which is vital to every business. For TikTok, your audience is looking out for your regular videos, which can be tiring if manually handled. So, thanks to the various video scheduling tools, I can conveniently schedule my videos on my desktop and have them uploaded on time. 

A perfect visual planner is a handy help. 

Nothing looks good on Tiktok, like having a preview of your videos and how they will look when published. It feels so good seeing your work in progress and having the chance to make adjustments and set your feed to your taste before they appear to your audience. 

You can multitask without worries. 

With your next video uploaded and scheduled for its usual time of posting, you can face other concerns without worries. More so, it spares you the stress of mixing up other activities. 

Finally, with you having the idea of video scheduling tools for your Tiktok business, you can now conveniently schedule your videos on desktop and never miss a chance to go viral. However, you shouldn’t stop scaling up your business from there, make sure you go further with growing your consulting online business.

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