Top 25 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow #CMWorld 2022

Top 25 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow #CMWorld 2022

The combined in-personal and virtual Content Marketing World 2022 is finally upon us. As the biggest content marketing conference in the world, CMWorld brings together a stellar array of talented professionals chock full of curiosity for future trends, marketing insight, and aspirations for elevating the industry in the post-pandemic world.

For the past 14 years top marketers from the world over have gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for one of the world’s most comprehensive content marketing events, and this year’s Content Marketing World returns again for expanded in-person networking and learning.

Readers of our blog know we have a lengthy history with the conference starting at the beginning, with 12 years of speaking and attending along with eight years during which we partnered with the Content Marketing Institute to develop speaker and influencer content marketing campaigns.

A classic TopRank Marketing tradition that has been imitated in recent years but never duplicated is our annual list of content marketing experts ranked according to their social influence, a helpful compilation extracted from the hundreds of fantastic #CMWorld 2022 speakers.

List Methodology: For this list we utilize the Traackr influencer marketing platform to filter the content marketing subject matter experts who are speaking at the current year’s Content Marketing World conference — using a large number of criteria including the relevance of the individuals to the topic, the degree to which their networks engage, the size of their networks, and other factors. Online data is pulled in from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

The focus topic in question is most undoubtedly “content marketing,” and everyone included on this list is:

A speaker at #CMWorld 2022
Ranked in the top-25 for “content marketing” according to our relevance, resonance, reach and audience metrics

Many thanks go to all the people who are actively sharing knowledge about content marketing in 2022 by engaging and helping to elevate others with keen insight and expertise on the social web. This list is only a starting point to help expand your own content marketing universe.

In this year’s list there are some familiar faces along with a welcome number of new additions. We plan to learn new lessons from each of these 25 content marketing influencers, and hope you’ll do the same throughout the rest of the year and into 2023 and beyond.

We extend special thanks to Stephanie Stahl, who as general manager of Content Marketing Institute has passionately continued on the ambitious mission of CMI founder Joe Pulizzi.

Don’t miss Stephanie’s conference kick-off with a special “Welcome Back to Content Marketing World 2022” presentation on Wednesday, September 14 at 8:20 a.m. Eastern.

25 Content Marketing Influencers Speaking at CMWorld 2022

Melanie Deziel @mdeziel
Co-Founder & Vice President of Marketing, The Convoy
Presenting: The One Content KPI We Should All Be Optimizing For

Amanda Todorovich @amandatodo
Executive Director Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic
Presenting: Running the Content Marketing Marathon: Lessons from a Decade-Long Journey
Presenting: Cleveland Clinic Health Summit

Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra
Senior Manager, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
Presenting:CTR, ROI, KPI, Cry: Cut through jargon to deliver kick-ass content and undeniable business results

Ruth Carter @rbcarter
Evil Genius, Geek Law Firm
Presenting:Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and Legal – That’s Content Too!

Jay Acunzo @JayAcunzo
Author, Show Host & Brand Consultant, Unthinkable
Presenting:The Urge to Act: How Masterful Marketers Mold Their Stories to Resonate Deeper and Earn Passionate Superfans

Zontee Hou @ZonteeHou
Head of Strategy, Convince & Convert
Presenting: Show, Don’t Tell: Putting CX at the Center of Marketing

Andy Crestodina @crestodina
Co-Founder & CMO, Orbit Media Studios
Presenting: The Future of SEO: Adapting to a new, low-clickthrough rate reality

Ann Handley @MarketingProfs
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
Presenting: Voice is the New Logo, Keynote

Nancy Harhut @nharhut
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing
Presenting: 5 Secrets to Persuasive Content That Will Blow Your Mind
Presenting: Humor, Research, and Innovation: Building Trust in a Post-Covid Era

Juntae DeLane @JuntaeDeLane
Founder & Chief Strategist, Digital Delane
Presenting: Content Marketing In The New Normal: 5 Ways to Readjust Your Content Plans

Rob Walch @podcast411
Vice President of Podcaster Relations, Libsyn
Presenting: Podcasting – How to Start – How to Promote

Amy Higgins @amywhiggins
Senior Director, Content Strategy, Twilio
Presenting: Ahead of the Trends: Tapping Emerging Forms of Content to Freshen Your Content Mix and Captivate Your Customers
Presenting: Editorial Prenups: How to Create a Happy, Productive Team with an Operating Contract

Andrea Fryrear @AndreaFryrear
CEO and Co-Founder, AgileSherpas
Presenting: Million Dollar Content: Maximize your earning potential by creating for yourself instead of producing for others

Ellen Gerstein @elleinthecity
Senior Director, Digital Communications, Corporate Affairs, Pfizer
Presenting: Radical Transparency: A Pfizer Masterclass in Developing Earned Trust

Erika Heald
Founder and Marketing Consultant, Erika Heald Consulting
Presenting: How to Build an Executive Thought Leadership Platform That Plays to Your Leadership Team’s Strengths

Shafqat Islam @ShafqatIslam
General Manager, Optimizely
Presenting: Want to drive exceptional digital experiences? Fix the marketer’s experience first

Ahava Leibtag @ahaval
President, Aha Media Group
Presenting: Rewrite like Taylor Swift: What B2B Marketers can Learn from a Swiftie
Presenting: Cleveland Clinic Health Summit

Andrew Davis @DrewDavisHere
Keynote Speaker & Author, Monumental Shift
Presenting: Top-Down Creation: How clever content creators leverage tiny audiences to deliver outsized results

Tequia Burt @TequiaBurt
Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Ads Blog, LinkedIn
Presenting: How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is Using the Blog to Power Its Growth Engine

Bernie Borges @BernieBorges
Vice President Global Content Marketing, iQor
Presenting: You Think You Have a Great Podcast for Your Brand? How to Measure Your Success.

Dennis Shiao @dshiao
Founder and Head of Retention, Attention Retention LLC
Presenting: Counterintuitive Email Marketing Strategies That Work

Lee Odden @LeeOdden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
Presenting: The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences

Michele Linn @MicheleLinn
Co-Founder, Mantis Research
Presenting: How to Get a Year’s Worth of Content From One Survey

Pam Didner @PamDidner
B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant
Presenting: Is it possible to measure content marketing ROI? Here’s how!

A. Lee Judge @ALeeJudge
Co-Founder & CMO, Content Monsta
Presenting: Be the Content that Others Consume – #BeContent

Even using the most detailed statistical analysis — no matter how deep and well-researched — can only take you so far in surfacing the people who you’ll consider the most helpful and influential in your own daily professional marketing lives, which is why we’d love it if you’d share the names of other content marketers that influence you the most in the comments section below.

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If you’d like to learn more about the secrets of creating inspired B2B content experiences, you’re in luck, as our CEO and co-founder Lee Odden will be presenting at Content Marketing World on the topic. Here are the details:

Wednesday, September 14 – 1:00pm – 1:30pm Eastern
Workshop with Lee Odden
Presenting: The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences

We hope to see you either in-person or virtually at the Content Marketing World 2022 conference, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @toprank for real-time updates during the conference using the #CMWorld hashtag.

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